Make Money

Making money with PlainTexter is simple, in only 2 steps.

Method A:

Let’s say you are using shortlink sites and have a shortened link (named L 1) which redirects to S 1

1. you create a plain text on with L 1 (next to other content if you want, to help the user more)
2. create another shortened link which redirects to text (named L 2)

L 2 —> L 1 —> S 1

This way you earn twice and you respect the terms of service of such sites because you do not create loops and with plaintexter you add more content like multiple links pack, description, wikipedia info and many others, improving and adding more value to your content.

Example: shortner link 2 —> –> shortner link 1 —> S 1

Method B:

Replace shortner link 1 with up-4ever, file-upload, or mediafire links (and legal content).